The Plans

Dennis Audley Information Sheet & Powerpoint - Revised Plans available at all public meetings May 2010

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Saltdean Lido Follow-up Meeting(s)

1.         Introductions and Purpose of the Meeting

Denis Audley
Mark Strawbridge

Welcome and hanks to Saltdean Community Association
for assistance with the organisation of this meeting

2.      Contents

  • Feedback from the first meeting – Clarification
  • Community Components

          Community Centre with Meeting Hall
          Retain Listed Building

  • ‘Wish List’ Components

          Youth Centre
          Indoor Pool
          Retain Lido Pool
          Children’s Play

  • Costs – Community Contribution
  • Scenarios

Original scheme with housing   
Minimal scheme
Optimum Scheme

  • Sketches and Sectional Elevations

3.      Feedback from 1st Meeting

Analysis of responses indicated some confusion on a number of points:

  • The tunnel to the beach and the footpath along the base of the embankment are outside the boundary of the site and would remain unaffected by any development
  • The ‘shingle’ car park is not strictly a public car park; its use is for the Lido site only. 
  • Flats at the Ocean Grand complex which have been completed have mostly been  sold; there are some up for sale a second time
  • The proposals envisage no loss of community facilities at all 
  • The original listed building is not intended for demolition
  • Saltdean Tavern is outside the site and is not affected
  • The café would be restored and retained as part of the overall provision
  • The new facility in the restored listed building would be fully accessible with a lift
  • The new library would be nearly twice the size of the existing one

Community Components  (Elements key to the scheme overall)

  • Community Centre with Meeting Hall

Existing c.835sqm (9000sqft) proposed 675sqm(7000sqft)
c.£1.05 million (net of fees etc.)

  • Library

Existing c. 102sqm(1100sqft) proposed 185sqm(2000sqft)

  • Retained Listed Building

Useable space at present very limited – potential c 650-700sqm
c. £0.9m

Community Centre
Meeting Spaces
Service access

Reading Room
Library Shelving Area
Resource Centre
Information Point
ICT Area
Meeting/Teaching/Event Area
Storage/Secure Store

The Listed Building
Repairs to structure
Repairs to fabric
Refit and render fit for use
Reinstate first floor and sundecks to use
Replace plant and filtration
Replace heating system
Refinish Pool(s) and surrounds
Reinstate other features

‘Wish List’

  • Youth Centre -  £0.3million
  • Indoor Pool - £0.45million
  • Retain Lido Pool(s) – see above
  • Children’s Play area - £0.04million
  • Café -  £0.15million
  • More ‘Garden’c. £0.1million


Community Components                                         £2.32million
Wish List                                                                        £1.04million
Fees, Costs etc                                                           £0.67million
S106 contributions                                                      £0.25million
e.g. School Places, Open Space, Transport Plan, Infrastructure levy etc.
TOTAL COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION                          c. £ 4.28m


  • Original Scheme with Housing
  • Minimal Scheme delivering minimum  community capital

c. Optimum Scheme delivering the ‘Wish List’


  • State of the Art Library upgrading and extending the existing one.
  • Brand New, accessible Community facility including Hall and Lift
  • Carbon neutral construction; Heat Light and Power generated from the site would offset   running costs of the community facilities by up to 100%
  • Retained and refurbished Listed Building
  • Retained and refurbished Lido pool
  • New Heated Indoor pool in addition
  • Improved Health Suite and Health Centre
  • Employment and year ‘round revenue generation opportunities for the Community
  • New accessible public open space
  • With off-site contributions, a total of approximately £4m investment in the community asset

Original Plans March 2010